01.- Intro (Prod. By Novokunz & Destructive Studio)
02.- The Demon Legend (Ft. Rabia En La Cadencia & Kitoemece)(Prod. By Novokunz & Destructive Studio)
03.- Suicidio (Ft. Kitoemece)(Beat Fabularoja)(Prod. By Novokunz & Destructive Studio)
03.1.-Interludio 1 (Beat Novokunz)
03.2.-Interludio 2 (Beat Novonunz)
04.- Recuerdos Del Ayer (Ft. Barish)(Prod. By Novokunz)
05.- Amor (Ft. Jazzweed)(Prod. By Novokunz & Destructive Studio)
06.- Renacer (Prod. By Novokunz)
07.- The End (Ft. Fabularoja)(Beat Fabula Roja)(Prod. By Novokunz
08.- Bonus Track (Beat Fabularoja)(Prod. By Novokunz)


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